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The Universe is Against Me

As you may know, the past month or so has been lonely for me. I returned from my month-long trip to Europe to a big empty house, a 5 hour per day commute, and a hometown where I’m pretty much the only one of my friends not married or already moved on to bigger and brighter.

So, I’ve been very excited to head to Chicago this weekend for a girl trip to Purdue and Indianapolis with some of my school friends and sorority sisters.

Well, mother nature was not having any of that! My flight on Wednesday evening, which I prayed diligently would somehow make it out, was canceled by 5 AM Wednesday morning. I was snowed into my house.

The flight was rescheduled at Thursday morning at 7 AM. There’s no way to make it all the way to Laguardia from my house at that time of morning (unless I camped out in the city but I’m not quite at the level where I’m willing to go full homeless). After some coaxing, I got my flight switched to Thursday at 1:30 and was getting pumped.

The universe is definitely against me. On Thursday morning at 8:30 AM when I started making my way to the train station to get to NYC and then a subway to the airport, I encountered (1) a broken garage door (2) a boot filled with snow (3) a crazy traffic jam (we’re talking stopped traffic on the highway) and (4) a mutilated train parking lot with no place to park and slobs of snow everywhere and then (5) Metro North delays (no surprise there).

I finally admitted defeat and turned around to drive home, calling American Airlines and canceling my flight. By the way, I’m driving my boyfriends truck through all of this (Long story).

Now I am not a crier usually but I suddenly started sobbing like a 4 year-old child in the train station parking lot. I do not know what came over me. The waterworks just kept on flowing and flowing and flowing.

I, of course, called my mom and whined to her about the whole ordeal. I was kind of surprised by her lack of sympathy but when I got to Wrap and Roll (my favorite deli), I realized that I was not surprised anymore. I was still crying in the parking lot and it was pathetic.

I think it’s OK to be bummed about things even if they are classic “first world problems” but I was on a fast track to moping away my weekend because it’s destined to be another lonely one.

I won’t talk about the people who have it so much worse than I do but the silver lining to this debacle is that my biggest problem was that I had to cancel a weekend trip to Chicago to party with my friends. It sucks but it’s not homelessness.




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