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When you give a mouse a muffin…

My Facebook news feed is frequently flooded with goals to lose weight and get in shape. I rarely see subsequent follow up posts to the tune of “I did it!” 

What happens when people meet their weight loss and fitness goals? I ask because I have done so. But now what? I know, I know. I need to maintain. But some of the motivation to work out was based on chasing after that goal. 

It occurred to me that when people meet their weight loss goals, they set lower ones. Okayyyyy (and you can totally hate me for this) but what if you can’t really lose any more weight? Like you’re as small as can be and if you wanted to weigh less you would have to have bone removed or something? 

In the classic kids book “When you give a mouse (moose?) a muffin..”, the animal in question always wants more. Well, I forget the premise of that story. Is it good or bad to always want more in the end? And what happens when you stop wanting more for example when you stop wanting to lose more weight? 

Children’s literature has failed me. 


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