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Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence

Today a “writing challenge” appeared on my news feed. I’ve never done one but decided to give it a try mainly because I’ve noticed I’ve had an upswing in blog followers and I do not want to disappoint with a boring lack of content. Ironically, this challenge is about silence and that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid by writing it. You can ready more about it here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/the-sound-of-silence/

Here we go…

Sometimes my boyfriend asks me to tell him stories. No, he’s not a 4 year old. Although, the best time for him to ask for a story seems like when he’s eaten too much and he wants to sit still but get his mind off of how close he is to exploding due to his excessive intake of food. Anyways, once we were at Uncle Julios in Dallas, Texas and I told him this story:

Max (I can’t remember what name I actually originally used for this story but Max will do). Max was a quiet boy who really liked animals and didn’t have any friends. 

One day, Max’s whole body (clothes included) turned a pinkish red color. No matter how many times he changed and washed his clothes, he was always completely a strange shade of reddish pink. People thought Max was a freak. This made it even harder to make friends, which Max desperately wanted. Every time Max tried to make friends, they only made fun of him for being colored.

Instead, he started hanging out in the woods and play with animals.One day he met a deer. The deer seemed very nice and he was just thinking about how much, since he had no friends, he would like for the deer to be his friend. He gave the deer a pet on the nose and to his surprise, he could hear the deer thinking “I would like to be this boys friend too”.

From then on, Max could communicate with animals he met. He would sit for hours and hour cuddling with his dog and talking about anything that came to mind or hang out in the woods with the deer and even some birds.

One day, a man came across Max who was playing with his friends in the woods. The man was amazed and took Max with him so he could show more people what Max could do. 

People came from all over to see Max. They were amazed that he could seemingly get animals to do things without forcing them to. At first Max liked all the attention because he had never had real human friends before and he figured this was how you treat friends. After a while though, Max realized that no one ever talked to him or cared if he had something to say. The only reason they weren’t still making fun of him for being pink was because they just wanted to see what he could do. 

One day a man brought a misbehaving bull to come see Max, hoping Max could reason with it so it could be tamed. A big crowd gathered to watch. Max was scared of the bull and did not want to go into its pen. He tried to explain this to his new human friends but they pushed him into the bull pen. The ferocious bull glared in Max’s direction.

Since bulls charge at red colors, the bull charged at Max. The bull killed Max.

Everyone was shocked and horrified. Eventually they went home.

No one had ever asked Max how he communicated with animals. If they had, he would have told them he had to touch them for them to be able to hear what he was thinking. 


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