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My Dream Last Night

Last night in my dream, one of my favorite actresses came to me! That is right. Tina Fey was in my dream. 

I used to not like Tina Fey for a really long time. I thought her humor was kind of weird I guess. Then I read her book, “Bossy Pants”, and now I LOVE Tina Fey.

I, however, did not like her very much in my dream. In my dream, Tina Fey came to a basketball practice I was at. It is unclear if I was actually on any of the teams playing in the dream. I had a wheelchair with me but I was just shooting around on my regular feet (That is probably because I am pretty mesmerized by how cool wheelchair basketball is. Seriously, if you haven’t, you should check it out.)

Anyways, my friend was also there. It wasn’t one of my actual friends just a dream friend but I knew we were friends. She was napping because she was so tired from being in school to become a doctor. Then Tina Fey came and told her “You’re going to be a doctor. You can’t be sleeping. You need to RUN NOT WALK at your dreams.”

And THAT was it. Tina Fey did not even come to my dream to give me advice. She came to my dream and gave advice to my friend who is not even one of my real-life friends so it’s not like I can even tell one of my real life friends that Tina Fey wants them to RUN NOT WALK after their dream. How rude is Tina Fey!


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