I was recently thinking about stereotypical things that are characteristic of certain groups of people. Some people make such a big deal about not molding into stereotypes which I guess is really cool. But also what is really cool is making sure you get to do the stereotypical things. 

Since I’m going to grad school starting this August (I think, maybe), I was trying to recollect all the things that people do that make you say “Oh my gosh, you’re such a grad student!”… I thought one of them might be wearing burkenstocks but my best friend informed me that actually that’s a lesbian thing to do. Who knew? 

Anyways, I will only get to be a grad student for 16 months so I better start planning to do all the grad student-y things ASAP. 

I have to buy a car soon. My mom wants me to get a brand new one. “It’s reliable and you’ll know where it’s been,” all those sorts of reasons! But, no! I really want a beater car. Because after grad school, I’m going to be back in the working world and then it would be appropriate for me to have a new car and people would seriously look down on me for having a beater car. But, as a grad student, it’s socially acceptable and kind of expected to drive a piece of crap. So I would like to do that because, really, when else am I going to get to? 

When I was doing my undergrad, I had to dress up for class 2 days a week. I usually only had classes four days a week so like 50% of the time I was dressed up. This was because I was a teaching assistant and it wasn’t really appropriate to rock up in sweats when I was getting paid to be there, grade papers, and help out the professor. But I think this was a serious waste opportunity. College undergrads are supposed to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts pretty much as their school uniform and I really should have taken more complete advantage of that stereotype.

So, the point of this post (if there is a point which I’m really not sure there is) is that, even though it’s the cool thing to do to not fit the mold, you should also make sure you don’t miss out on cool stereotypes that you only get to do and still be normal for like one brief little blip in the grand scheme of your life!


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