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The Joys of Learning

My boyfriend and his peers current extreme level of stress and anxiety over their impending dissertations should really turn me off to the idea of ever writing one myself. I guess it’s a testament to the notion that I might, in fact, be crazy that their journey’s into thesis land have actually stirred an interest in me to take the same path.

By no mean will I ever do a dissertation in Engineering for Sustainable Development (as they are). I’ve already read, proofread, and edited enough papers on recycling and renewable energies to last me a lifetime. Sorry, Earth?

I am always amused and enthralled when I see people genuinely enjoying their studies, such a juxtaposition from the standard view of schooling that I was conditioned to believe. From the time you’re little, society and peers somehow made school into a, well, “drag”.

After school, career paths were set to go the same way. I was surrounded by the message that going to work would be also a “drag”. But, thankfully, through the grace of being exposed to some amazing people who love their job, I came to realize that I could and would enjoy my career. Now, seeing my boyfriend and his peers embarking on this great challenge of a dissertation, I have come to believe the same of schooling.

Schooling is not just a grueling task that needs to be completed to achieve later aspirations. School, in and of itself, can be a delightful experience. The people I’ve had the pleasure to socialize and meet with who are working toward their Masters in Engineering for Sustainable development are so thrilled about the possibilities and the intellectual enrichment that their studies are bringing them.

Although my upcoming MBA does not require a dissertation, I have never been more excited, anxious, and enthused at the prospect of long nights pouring over textbook after textbook.


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