Writing 101: Hone Your POV



It was hot today, so hot. I wished I could go in that big swimming pool I used to go in at summer camp last year. But, mom said I couldn’t go back to camp this year. She said they make you pay too much for it. I wish I had a million dollars like Donald Trump so I could go to it. Since Dad doesn’t go to work anymore, mom said it would be silly for me to go to camp because he can watch me. She asked if I wanted Dad to be lonely. Thinking about that made me sad. But dad is not lonely and dad does not watch me.

Dad talks on the phone in the study all day every day. Today was the same. I tried to knock on the door and see if he wanted to play Uno but he said to watch Harriet the Spy and closed the door. I tried to tell him that was silly. I’ve already watched it 4 times this summer. I like that movie but, come on, I can’t keep watching her get to do the fun stuff when I don’t even get to go to summer camp.

So, I sat on the front step, watching the street. I tried not to think that I was bored. Kids can’t say they are bored in the summer. Summer vacation is supposed to be the best time for kids. All the kids in the 6th grade had said “I can’t wait for summer” over and over again the whole last month of school and they had a big count down and I could just tell everyone was all excited. Maybe they all got to go to summer camp again but I did not.

I was sitting on the stoop thinking about if I was in a movie called “Jessica, the Spy” and still trying not to be bored. Then finally something not boring happened. Police were knocking on Mrs. Pauley’s door. There were two men and a woman cop. Another guy was with them but he wasn’t wearing a cop outfit and I thought I recognized him. I tried to concentrate really hard to remember because spies always remember lots of things and don’t forget where they know someone from.

Mrs. Pauley didn’t come to her door, which I thought was weird. Mrs. Pauley was always coming out on the porch these days. Dad said if it was last year we could have helped her after Mr. Pauley died but since it’s a new time, we can’t give her any of our money to pay for her house.

The man I sort of recognized was yelling but I couldn’t hear him so I scooted down a few steps very quietly so the police wouldn’t know I was spying. Harriet the spy always likes to “observe” people. I put my hand around the outside of my ear and leaned forward so I could hear.

The man said “GRETTA! YOU OLD BAG! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE! GET THE HELL OUT HERE! THERE’S NOT A THING YOU CAN DO NO MORE!” The woman police said something I couldn’t hear to the man. I could tell from reading the situation that she was telling him to stop yelling because she was gesturing to quiet down.

But he did not. He kept yelling, “I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BITCH! NOBODY GETS AWAY WITH NOT PAYING ME WHAT I’M OWED. NOW GET OUT HERE YOU STUPID BITCH” He started pounding on the door. Now I could tell the two men police were telling him to stop because they were louder and I could hear “Sir, calm down” and then “Sir, I’m going to ask you to leave”.

But he didn’t leave. He went to the window next to the door and kept pounding harder and harder. The two men police tried to pull him away but he fought them. I started to get scared but remembered I was being Jessica, the spy, so I needed to be brave. All three police were trying to pull the man away from the house but he wouldn’t. He hit one of the men cops hard right in the nose and he fell to the ground and didn’t move. The wild man shook the other two off like they were flies, all the time pounding harder and harder on the window.

Then there was a LOUD SHATTERING NOISE and Mrs. Pauley’s whole front window broke into a million pieces. I think the other two cops had finally had enough. They pulled out guns from their waist holders and pointed them straight at the wild man and yelled “Don’t move! Hands up!”. The man didn’t. Instead, he turned away from the house and started to run towards the street, he saw me and our eyes locked. I remembered who he was. It’s Mr. Davis. I didn’t know he was the landlord for the Pauley’s house. Mr. Davis started running towards the street, in my direction. The man police officer who wasn’t lying still on the ground dove after him and tackled him and started putting him in handcuffs right on the street in front of my house.

Then Dad came running out at the same time that Mrs. Pauley walked slowly out of her house. I looked from Dad to Mrs. Pauley to Dad to Mrs. Pauley and they both looked confused like they just woke up. I heard sirens start to get louder and louder. The woman police officer said “Back ups enroute, Tim”. Tim must have been the cop that was handcuffing Mr. Davis because he nodded.

The woman cop asked me if I witnessed the whole thing and I told her that I had and I’d been observing from my stoop kind of like Harriet the Spy. She asked me if I could make a statement about what I saw down at the station. Dad drove me there and stayed with me the whole time I was talking to the police.

This was my first day of being a spy and it was even better than summer camp.



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