When you’re right, you’re right!

I’m a firm believer that, even in a situation that may appear to have no upside, we can at least take away a lesson that will serve us later on.

I’m going to tell a story that I’ve switched out all names etc. in an effort to protect those involved.

Diane was working for a company that was sinking fast. While there were several high quality employees, the leadership was poor and immoral decisions plagued the company. Eventually, as often happens, layoffs became a necessity. Diane was one of many to be on the receiving end of being “let go”.

It is customary (and lawful and just plain the right thing to do) to provide compensation to an employee that is let go as well as pay them anything they are owed such as commissions and promised bonuses.

Diane was owed a lot of money by the company but the offer they made to compensate her was only a fraction of what was deserved.

Although Diane was sure she was in the right, the situation grew uncomfortable and tense causing Diane to shy away from continuing communication. Eventually, the company agreed to pay her a little more but still far less than what she deserved.

From this story, I learned an important lesson. When you’re right, you are right. You must be confident in the face of tension and awkwardness. You must proactively seek out those who have wronged you in order to get what you are entitled.

Because “Diane” shied away from an uncomfortable correspondence, her lack of communication communicated that she wasn’t sure she had solid ground to stand on in her claim to deserving a higher payout. That coupled with her untimeliness gave the company an upper hand and eventually lead to a bad outcome.

Each situation is unique. We need to trust our intuition to know when is the time to stick to our guns and when is the time to open our mind to a different avenue of action.

This was a really important lesson for me to learn but, at the end of the day, I believe God is also calling me to learn other lessons from this.

God calls us to forgive and meet our challenges with optimism. Diane needs to forgive the company for what it did to her, and optimistically focus on what she gained through being involved with that group.

She also, and this is the harder one, needs to forgive herself for making a mistake by not standing up for herself. In order to let go of the stress and frustration of that situation, she needs to forgive herself and discontinue focusing on herself in a negative light. She can pray to God for the grace and optimism to focus on her strengths and forgive herself for her weakness.

I hope you can learn something from Diane’s story too!


One thought on “When you’re right, you’re right!

  1. Ahh, so true and a good point at the end–to forgive yourself and move on. Maybe God is just opening a new door for her. If she remains in a negative place, she will not benotice it or be able to take advantage of the opportunity. Nice visiting you again.

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