MBA’s are hard

The past several days have been stressful to say the least. It’s easy to get caught up in stress. I find that life hands us moments in the middle of stress that we can either choose to create more stress or we can recognize them for how laughably bizarre they truly are.

I’ve been having rib pains and nausea for a while and it got so bad tonight that I needed to get to Urgent Care right away. In what was absolutely God’s work, my sister randomly texted me yesterday asking to come spend a couple of days at my new apartment. Without her, I don’t know if I could have gotten where I needed to go. I already hate going to the doctor alone (it feels extra lonely to me)!

Anyways, in spite of the endless list of things I have to do and worry about, worrying about not being able to move because of this rib was really not in my playbook. So I’m laying on this exam table just writhing in pain (My poor boyfriend is texting me from England like “What do I do? What can I do?”, which is stressing me out even more to know I’m stressing him out). Finally, they decided (no idea how… I was just nodding and crying) I needed this huge shot (biggest needle ever). 

So, of course, I find out I’m getting this shot, where? MY BUTT CHEEK!! The nurse brings a medical student in with her to observe (ugh, are you serious?) and she pulls down my shorts a little way and then looks shocked and blurts out “Are you not wearing any underwear?” This is embarrassing but I totally wasn’t. You try getting dressed with a throbbing right rib! I was lucky I even had my clothes on the right way (the ones I could manage).

I would not have blamed myself in that moment if anxiety and stress had completely taken over for a full on melt down. Somehow the absurdity of it all just dawned on me and I burst out laughing (which then caused my rib extreme pain making me laugh even harder).

In high school my year book quote was “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never make it out alive.” I’ve forgotten to live by that mantra many a times but, and I will thank God for this tonight, somehow, sometimes, in the strangest of moments, I find myself able to relinquish some of that stubborn seriousness and, what do they call it, “lighten up”!


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