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I have to get emergency surgery on Thursday morning. When it rains, it really pours! I already felt like I was almost drowning with all the challenges of moving to a new place, having my relationship go back to being long distance, and immersing myself in this MBA program where the work never seems to relent.

In the past, I know I’d be freaking out hardcore right now. However, maybe I am really growing up because this time I’ve been handling the stress like a pro. In fact, I’ve been enjoying it to some extent. When you’re being thrust into difficult situations, a clever way to re-position your stress is by thinking of it as preparing you for a greater challenge. Now, the more stress that gets piled on, I sneakily wonder “Hmm.. what am I being prepared for? It must be awesome if the training is this hard”. 

You know what those MBA’s say (well I didn’t, but now I do): “No risk, no reward!”

If you can, say a quick prayer that I recover quickly from this surgery and am back in action in time to work on the mountain of homework that is already on the agenda for this weekend!


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