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Life and Death

In the past month or so, three former students from my high school have died. I had, at one time, been friends with 2 of them and was friends with the third’s brother. One died in a car accident, one in a hiking accident, and one’s cause of death has not been released.

Although I would like to memorialize them here, I will not share their names at this time as I am not close to their families and, therefore, do not know if it is more appropriate to respect their privacy.

Death at a young age really gets to me. Although times (and timing for life events) have changed since Jesus walked the earth, He lived to 33.

I am 24 years old and at such an exciting and pivotal point in my life. I do believe that you constantly have the opportunity to open new chapters of your life but, at my age, I’m seeing my friends start to open really “high-ticket” chapters, if you will. Examples of those chapters: getting married, having a child, taking on jobs and societal roles that are really what I know they envisioned for themselves.

Although I’m in no rush for these new chapters, I do see myself gravitating toward them. Namely, I’m currently focusing all of my time on enabling the career I’ve come to envision for myself, and molding that vision along the way. It’s very exciting.

It troubles me greatly that these young people have been taken too soon. I know they would have made a great husband or father, wives or mothers, and were working towards exciting future prospects. But, I’m not as sad for them as I am for who they’ve left behind. You see, they get to go home to be with God now, or at least I hope they do.

On the other hand, their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends are here on earth with memories and broke hearts. These are the people I pray hardest for because, if I were in their shoes, I don’t know how strong I could be.

We could talk all day about those whom have passed wanting their loved ones to move on and how God’s grace will guide you. I don’t doubt that but it’s still going to be really friggin unbearably, unspeakably difficult. What I fear most is that those who are still here on earth will let their pain and suffering overcome them, robbing themselves of the beauty of getting to experience the excitement and anticipation of these new chapters.

So today I’m hoping that siblings, partners, parents, lovers, and friends can find the strength and the joy to carry on, though that is much much easier said than done.



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