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Is my life on Grey’s Anatomy yet?

Sorry for the recent upsurge in gory blog posts but, hey, this is my life as of late. My tonsillectomy is still the most unfortunate painful heinous thing that has happened to me in recent memory. My mom would honestly have made the best nurse. She is the perfect amount of caring and blunt to get things actually done.  

This morning I was nauseous again, like really bad, to the point where I was laying on the bathroom floor clutching my porcelain friend (the toilet). I yelled to little J, “J, GET MOM!” All of the sudden, a stampede of both of my parents from downstairs to upstairs.

When you get your tonsils out, you really really cannot vomit. It’s basically like a startover if you rip up the scabs (I know gross) in your throat. Anyways, if I had been in any state to laugh, I totally would have as I’m laying on the bathroom floor in sheer misery, my mother is coaching/motivating me not to vomit “Don’t do it! Annie! Keep it down! Just hold on! You can do it!”

Meanwhile, my dad for some unknown reason is pacing around waving a flashlight around. I do not know why. I can only assume he was getting ready for church and panicked when chaos erupted. 

Why?!!! Why me!!!!!!!!!!!? lol


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