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Daily Prompt: If $$ were no object ..

Today’s daily prompt ( here ) is spot on with timing. I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. 

If I didn’t have to work, would I?

I want the answer to be “yes, absolutely” because, by all accounts, you should “love what you do, do what you love”, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” etc. etc. etc.

As you probably know, I am currently back in school working on my MBA. Typically, “MBA” is synonymous with getting ready to work for the “man”, probably at a corporate desk job, wearing a suit, and carrying a briefcase. This is, perhaps, the most stereotypical “cubicle” job that represents white collar “drones” who hate what they do and would be out the door in an instant if money was no object.

All of life is a balancing act of contradictions. How can you “live for today” but “plan for a bright future” and ” sacrifice now, reward later”? How can you have “roots” and “wings”? How can the independent success of a business woman and the loyal caring nature of a full-time mom be simultaneously the most beautiful and powerful images of women? How can “it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with” and “put your own goals first” both apply? 

If money were no object, I would still do this MBA (actually maybe be more compelled because of less financial barriers). God gave me a brain that has the capacity to understand world economics and business markets and it’s no secret brains like that are needed right now. I feel enriched when I use and develop this intelligence in the business world. 

When I graduate from here, I’m excited (outside the salary draws) to go work at a company where I am challenged daily to continue to use and grow my God-given strengths. 

I don’t know where this will lead me but it is not the money that motivates me to continue on. It is a responsibility to use God’s gifts and a faith that I am proceeding down a worthwhile path. 

I imagine that someday, I will be called to use my mind in a capacity besides in a position at a big company. Whether it be entrepreneurial, philanthropic, or really anything, I hope I will recognize and answer that call when it comes.

For now, though, I know that whether or not monetary concerns are relevant, I will continue on the path that I’m on and delight in math and studying and learning and contemplating the economic issues of our world. 



One thought on “Daily Prompt: If $$ were no object ..

  1. I love this, the fact that you acknowledge the opposites of the “ideals” we should strive for… No one can have it all… We all get to choose what is more important to us, by default losing the other option…

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