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Cops are our friends, people!

I’m pretty appalled at the sweeping generalizations I have seen about police brutality around the web as of late. First of all, I’m ignoring this whole Mike Brown debacle. Sorry but I’m too busy to dedicate the time needed to sift through the media’s creative sensationalism on that one. 

So, Mike Brown thing aside, it’s still terrifying that people are hating so hard on police officers. Obviously there are bad seeds out there; there’s also bad doctors, bad bus drivers, bad librarians, bad butchers. But, at the end of the day, cops are there to PROTECT US!

The other night, I was driving home with my mother from my final dinner before my tonsillectomy (sorry, you know I can’t go a post without mentioning the extreme pain I am currently enduring). Anyways, a cop pulled us over for a completely bogus reason. They said she had failed to signal before turning. I actually knew for 100% sure that she had signaled because, as anyone can tell you, I hear things more loudly than other people do so I specifically remembered the loudness of her turn signal.

Anyways, as the cop was getting her license and registration, another cop came up my side of the car flashing his flashlight all up and down the car: back seat, glove box, wheels etc.It was pretty freaking obvious that they were looking for trouble beyond the “failure to signal” rouse.

You know what I felt after that stop? THANKFUL! So we had to endure a couple extra minutes of an uncomfortable situation. Oh friggin well! The next person they pull over for a trivial reason could be someone about to commit a crime that would really negatively impact someone else.

If we gave them a hard time about pulling us over for no reason, what if that made them more hesitant to pull the next person over?

At the end of the day, cops are people too. I find it so disrespectful to say ridiculous accusatory generalizations. Ie, “cops are power hungry bullies,” “cops are abusive and need to be stopped”

Are you serious, people? Please, I am begging you, do NOT stop the cops from doing their jobs. THAT is a BAD idea.

And remember, that cop that you’re frustrated with has a family and probably a wife or girlfriend who has anxiety just like you only they have it every single day when they let their hubby go off to a high risk job.

Give me a world with a police force that has a few unfortunate bad seeds over a word with no police any day!  


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