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Everyone should have the same signature drink: Good ole H20

Today’s daily prompt: Pick your potion

My boyfriend once made me quit soda for 30 days just to prove I could. He was skeptical and asserted that if I wasn’t able to quit, we should just end it now because he would never let me drink soda while pregnant with his child (yikes, I know!). I started on the 15th and snuck out to a Burger King on the 18th for some fountain soda. I later fessed up and had my month of torture extended to the 20th of the next month. 

I love fountain soda. It’s so great! I am more or less obsessed with this “share a coke” craze and often spend way too much times looking for my friends names on bottles to snap a pic and send it to them whether they like it or not. 

One of my professors jokingly calls it “polluted water”, which is probably close to true.

Coke really shouldn’t be my drink of choice. Thankfully right now drinking anything carbonated sounds like pure torture due to my tonsillectomy (told you I need to mention it once per post!)

In November 2013, I decided to try an experiment. I drank 5 liters of water a day for a month to see what would happen. That’s much more than the recommended amount but I like to really do things when I do them. 

At first this experiment made me really weak. I think the excess water was flushing away all my vitamins. I started taking more daily vitamins and it got better. In fact, I felt A LOT better. Amazingly better! My skin suddenly got really clear and I lost weight. I was more focused and I slept so much better and woke up feeling refreshed. In general, I was in a better mood and had more energy. 

It’s hard to maintain drinking that much water even though the benefits were amazing. When I did it, I was sitting at a desk and I had a water filter machine right next to me so it was quick and cheap to fill up my liter bottle and then I would check off on a post it note to make sure I refilled 5 times. 

I’m still struggling with how to increase my water intake in a economical and easy way now that I’ve moved on from that desk job. 

Nonetheless, there’s really no “signature drink” out there that can benefit anyone quite like water can. I think the world would be a much better place if we had the time and convenience to make hydration a priority.



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