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Daily Post: Shake it Off

Shake it off.

My dad used to always tell me to “let things roll off my back”. He would use it in contexts like “you just gotta let her roll off your back”. Parents seriously need to explain figures of speech to their kids because I grew up with weird mental images of people, things, words, and bad situations literally rolling down my spine and then off onto the ground. 

The imagery of shaking it off is about the same as “roll off” but I’ll probably stick with rolling because I just can’t “shake” the 6 year old inside of me envisioning the mean girl on my little league softball team doing a forward roll down my back and then fall down into the dirt. 

By the way, I wasn’t a dumb kid. I was very advanced as a child, which actually might be why I took things too literally (I should ask a child psychologist about this if I ever meet one).

Other things that confused me:

I once heard one of my mom’s friends yelling at her son and call him a “Son of a bitch”. If he’s the son of a bitch and he’s her son then . . .?

My mom likes to tell people to “buck up”. My dad had explained to me that another name for a dollar was a “buck”. So naturally I wondered why my mom constantly wanted people to give her dollars.

“You win some, you lose some.” I actually use this one a lot now but the younger version of myself hated this saying because it’s false. If you are undefeated, you do not lose some. If you are completely defeated (like my grade school basketball team that went 0-11 in a season) , then you do not win some.

Check today’s prompt here . It’s probably not what you think.


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