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The Duggars

I love the Duggars. I follow this family from time to time. I am currently watching the marathon and watching Michelle Duggar go through the miscarriage of her daughter, Jubilee. I am crying. 

Michelle Duggar is so beautiful in this episode. I cannot imagine the strength it took to get through something like this, let alone get through it with cameras (and eventually all of America) watching and surrounded by her other 19 children. 

I know a lot is said about reality TV but I cannot help feeling blessed for being able see these moments. Of course, it’s very sad but it is also beautiful. You can see the pain on Michelle’s face, you can see the love of the older kids. You can see the dads awkwardness with how to handle it and holding back tears as he struggles to tell the other kids. 

I was especially moved by Michelle’s admission that she begged for her daughter’s life and then, for the three days she carried her daughters body before delivering it, that she could not pray and instead just wrote.

I was moved by her immediate reaction to pray even when the doctor who told her the bad news was still in the room, unaware of what to do. 

I was moved by her ability to smile when talking about the funeral. I think that is proof of God’s grace. That despite the pain and loss and suffering, she is so thankful and feels blessed. I don’t think anyone could be in her position and have such composure without some greater force working from within them. 


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