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Daily Prompt: No pain, no gain

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Does Jane Fonda’s motto “no pain, no gain” always ring true?

The world is crazy these days. It seems like overnight success is becoming the new status quo. So, do you really need to endure pain to gain? 

In short, yes for some and no for some. And here’s why. 

The answer lies in how you define “gain”. 

Is gain synonymous with achievement? Does gain just mean making a boat load of money?

The internet enables instant popularity (think viral videos) but, if you’re human (which I’m assuming you are), your 15 minutes is not going to feel like a gain. Ok fine, I can’t speak for all humans. Maybe some would be satisfied by a “gain” they barely or never worked for. But I wouldn’t. 

Jane Fonda’s famous motto might have been shortened to sound better but, I believe, what it really means is “No pain, no fulfilling gains”. And those are the gains I’m interested in. 

So, before you start pursuing avenues of seemingly pain-free gains, think of how those gains are going to feel on the other side.

More importantly, if you’re passionate about attaining a gain that will require hard work and sacrifice, don’t shy away. 


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: No pain, no gain

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