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MBA Life: My first Labor Day failure in 25 years

Today is Labor Day, which should mean barbecuing, heading to the lake, and generally celebrating the achievements of American workers in the most American ways possible. However, I am, in fact, only able to take a small break from an intense study session to write this post.

That’s right! Texas A&M, a university that prides itself on how American it is, has an overwhelming US military presence, and can’t go an hour without displaying one of its deeply rooted traditions, does NOT celebrate Labor Day. In fact, today was the first day of school for most students. I am an MBA student so we started in July.

So, on top of being bummed that this was my first non-celebratory Labor Day in my entire life, I was also slammed with the fact that the 58 MBA students are not the only ones on campus. This was highly evident this morning when we (me and my teammate, Matt, who has so graciously been picking me up every morning since I am still on post op meds) couldn’t find a parking spot in my usually all but empty assigned parking lot.

I was also reminded by these new arrivals what college students typically look like when they attend class. They look . . . not good. I was probably more jealous than I should have been of my peers who were able to rock up in shorts and t-shirts (MBA students go business casual all day, everyday).

To top it off, we had an impressively difficult Accounting test first thing this morning. “Happy Labor Day!” I thought as I listened to a fellow student lament his test performance with the comment: “Do you think they offer an MBA at Blinn Community College that I can transfer to?”

I have had to boycott social media today (which I should do anyways because I need to study) because people apparently cannot stop posting amazing pictures of their Labor Day adventures, which have been making me increasingly jealous throughout the day.

My only solace today was in the fact that my online shopping order from Bluefly was supposed to arrive today but, nope, NO MAIL on Labor Day. So now on top of an unimaginable pile of statistics homework, I do not have a cute outfit to wear tomorrow (the struggle!).

Moral of the story: MBA’s don’t rest for no holiday.

Upon rereading, I realize that moral number 2 of this story is that MBA’s apparently complain a lot too!

Happy Labor Day!




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