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The Stork Made a Mistake

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Would you want to be the heir to the throne or the “off the hook” younger sibling? Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a second child whose life is likely to be much different then Prince George.

There’s a lot of interesting research on the emotional and developmental implications of birth order. There’s also a lot of references to birth order in popular culture. Middle children are seen as the “forgotten”, the youngest are the “babies”, the eldest are the “guinea pigs”.

I am the eldest of three sisters so I guess if our family had an heir to the throne, it would be me. While I’ve at times been jealous of my sisters for the perceived benefits they got due to their birth order (my youngest sister is spoiled and she knows it), I’d never trade my place in the lineup. 

I’ve often thought that my next younger sister (the middle child) didn’t feel the same pressure as me to pursue a college degree (I didn’t even question whether I would or not, I just did.). As a result, she’s followed her passion of horseback riding. But would I be who I am today without my degree (soon to be degrees, plural)?

My youngest sister has far out preformed me in the fashion and style department during her high school experience. When I was in high school, we didn’t have the money (and I didn’t have the eye) for me to be a fashionista like her. But would I be who I am today without the disappointment of not being as stylish as I desired? 

I am who I’m supposed to be and I’m happy with that. I would be a different person if I wasn’t the oldest of three girls. God gave my middle sister a passion for horse-riding and the middle spot in the line up, which alleviated some of the pressure my parents placed on college so she could pursue that passion. God gave me a (slight) hardship of lacking style and granted the blessing of it to my youngest sister. That small hardship shaped me just as that blessing shaped her in exactly the way that was perfect for who we are.

Congratulations to William and Kate! I think their second child is being born in exactly the order that will be perfect for him or her (and I hope it’s a her). 


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