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MBA’s Can Quantify ANYTHING

Being back in an academic setting, I’m constantly reminded how amazing the human brain is. Just the ability to function is a miracle unto itself but the knowledge we’ve developed is nothing short of unworldly.

Today I was sitting in marketing, listening to Professor Ramanthan lecture about product life cycle when he launched into an explanation of the Bass Model.

I had to take a step back to wonder in amazement at how intelligent God has made us that we’re actually sitting here learning to quantify WORD OF MOUTH.

If you, like me, thought word of mouth marketing was just one of those things that couldn’t be micromanaged by the corporate world, you’re wrong!

When we got down to doing it, I was again amazed. A room full of MBA’s was undaunted when this flashed up onto the overhead:

“–S(t+1) = p *(N-Q(t)) + (q/N)*Q(t)*(N-Q(t)) or

–S(t+1) = pN + (q-p)*Q(t) – (q/N)* Q(t)* Q(t) or

–S(t+1) = a + b*Q(t) + c*Q(t)^2”

How crazy is that? 58 MBA students sat and understood what that means. Our brains are an amazing miracle.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves for not performing up to the level of our peers. I’m really guilty of this. Today I’m making an effort to thank God for my brain and to also be grateful for the brains he gave my classmates, even (and especially) when they out-compete mine.


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