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The WEIRDEST thing about College Station, TX

Today’s Daily Prompt

There are a million weird things about College Station, TX. But it’s not the weird things that caused the culture shock when I arrived here in July. It’s the good things. And, to be honest, the good things might be kind of weird to some.

People in College Station are kind. I think kindness has been forgotten in a lot of places. People want to be nice and that’s great but kindness is different. To me, kindness is shown through genuine concern for someone you just met or barely know. I’ve seen that kindness manifested over and over again in College Station.

Anyone else would tell you that visitors would be culture shocked by the overwhelming die-hard obsession with Aggie Football, which is out of control. Someone else might tell you how everyone says “Howdy” or how all the students “whoop” when something good happens. Every radio ad starts with the small business owner proudly announcing which fighting Texas Aggie class he/she was a part of.

I will take the quirkiness that comes along with this towns unprecedented loyalty to Texas A&M University as long as that quirkiness comes along with the people that are here that are kind.

You can talk about quality of life based on cost of living and the quality of education and the number of businesses or nightlife or fun things to do but all of the pales in comparison to the quality of life that results from the kindness of the people who you’ll share this town with.


3 thoughts on “The WEIRDEST thing about College Station, TX

  1. Spot on in regards to the kindness of the people of College Station. It’s an underrated factor for why people might want to visit / live here.

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