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Why God’s Word is NOT like a Horoscope

Today was Pastor Bruce’s last sermon at Aldersgate and, as usual, he said some things that hit home for me and were exactly what I needed to hear in my current circumstance. This is a recurring theme with God that He will put the right message in front of me at the right time.

Someone once told me (I forget who) that star signs and horoscopes are a load of crap because horoscopes are actually written in a way so as to be interpreted as relevant to almost anyone’s life who reads them.

That got me thinking, is God’s word like that? Is any part of the Bible that gets put in front of us at any given time able to be perceived as relevant to our lives? I think the answer is yes and no. Yes, the whole Bible is relevant to our lives and it is a miracle unto itself that each person reading the Bible interprets it the correct way for themselves and their life. And also NO, the Bible covers a huge range of issues. God puts the right message in front of us at the right time because He loves us.


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