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The Body of Christ

Yesterday at Aldersgate, it was Pastor Robert’s second week. I was amazed by a completely new way of looking at something that I’ve done, thought about, seen, and studied a multitude of times: The breaking of the bread.

Just about everyone I know is familiar with the last supper. We’ve seen the DaVinci painting, heard it over and over, recited it, read it, and shared it. The breaking of the bread is an integral part of Christian life.

Pastor Rob examined the gospel of Matthew when Jesus first performed the miracle of the fish and loaves of bread feeding the multitudes. He TOOK the bread, BROKE it, BLESSED it, and GAVE it. Of course, we already knew this.

Before yesterday I had never considered that the church, God’s people, is the body of Christ. instead of thinking of the last supper as we do traditionally, we can think of it as a metaphor for ourselves and the 4 dimensions of the walk God wants us to have with him. We are the body of Christ.

He wants us to be taken by Him. He wants us to be broken down. He wants to bless us. He wants to give eternal life to us.

This is a really neat way to see the breaking of the bread and hope it helps you grow in understanding and love.


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