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Daily Prompt: Cousin It

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We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

Shockingly, for having such a humungous family, my list of eccentric relatives is few and far between. I do have an Uncle who is a truly unique gift-giver!

Every year, at our family Christmas party, we do a Yankee Christmas swap. Everyone brings a gift and then we all draw numbers and pick one at a time. The catch is that, if you like a gift someone has already opened better, you can “steal” that gift and give them the one you picked.

Uncle Tom is infamous for giving the sneakiest gifts. One year, he gave a silly little toy but hid a $100 dollar bill inside the battery compartment. One year, he gave a book and taped Red Sox tickets to one of the pages.

Of course, these are usually not discovered until after the game is over. But our family has grown smart! They try to figure out which gift is from him (you’re not supposed to tell) and everyone goes for that gift … even when they aren’t sure where the sneaky part of the gift is hidden!

My favorite sneaky gift he gave was one of those big picture frames that you can put three pictures in. It had three pretty pictures of different beautiful ornament and figurines. Everyone who got it was opening up the back of the frame, looking for the hidden trick!

When the game was over, Uncle Tom went to the next room and came back with the beautiful decorations that were in the pictures and gave them to the person who ended up with his gift!


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