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A Prayer for Young Women

This is a poem I wrote for my sister, Jillian, who was born on Thanksgiving day 1996 and just turned 18. Although I wrote this prayer with Jill in mind, these are hopes I have for young ladies everywhere.

For Jillian on your 18th Birthday

Eighteen years have flown by

Since that Thanksgiving day

I can hardly remember a time without you

But I wouldn’t have it another way

As a sister, you’re a blessing

A gift from up above

A best friend who I lived with

Who shared laughter, tears, and love

Though you’ve had many birthdays

Today’s not like the rest

This year marks a new beginning

You’re about to face a test

Because from this day forward

You no longer are a kid

You might think nothing’s changed

But I’ll tell you exactly what did

You’re about to embark on a journey

For which there is no guide

Your journey is being a woman

I’m glad I’ll be by your side

Not so that I can instruct you

But because I can’t wait to see

How being a woman will shape you

How beautiful it will be

Do not get me wrong here

You’ll mess up, you’ll be flawed

But when womanhood gets rocky

You can always lean on GOD

The prayers I have for you are many

They wouldn’t fit on this page

But here is just a few I have

to mark this special age

I pray you’ll be resilient

That the world won’t knock you down

I pray that you’ll be happy

and your face won’t often frown

I pray you won’t compare yourself

to things that are of this earth

Instead set Godly standards

and never doubt your worth

I pray you’ll grow in kindness

And from God, you’ll never stray

But if you do I’ll be there

And I’ll love you anyway

And if struggles do find you

And into a woman, you don’t grow

Remember, I wasn’t perfect either

Just ask mom, she’ll let you know

I pray you’ll seek forgiveness

and the LORD with all your heart

He’ll bless you with strength and courage

and I hope he’ll keep you smart

I pray when there’s an obstacle

A temptation, you must face

You’ll remember you are special

and respond with poise and grace

I pray someday you’ll look back

and be proud of what you’ve done

But most of all I hope that

you’re blessed with lots and lots of fun.

These 18 years have been special

You are kind and smart and rare

You’ll be an outstanding young woman

Let it start now with this prayer

Jill (left) and me celebrating her 18th birthday at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin, TX

Jill (left) and me celebrating her 18th birthday at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin, TX

The poem taped inside Jill's new bible.

The poem taped inside Jill’s new bible.


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