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Psalm 103:12

“He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” Psalms 103:12

I never fancied myself a visual learner but this bible verse is one of my favorite because of the clarity of the imagery.

Relationships are hard work. I’m surprised that my boyfriend doesn’t cringe when I bring up this verse because of how often I reference it. I once equated this to when you’re young and you get in a fight with your sibling and you take a roll of tape and you draw a line down the middle of the room and you both have your own sides. When Jesus died on the cross for us, he gave us the ability to send our sin to the east side of the line while we stay on the west side and tell that sin that it can’t come on our side.

Because we are imperfect humans, it makes sense that we can’t let go of past sins, even ones that have been forgiven as easily as God can. It really sucks that we sin but we do and then we start the sometimes awkward process of seeking forgiveness. But once we’re done all that, the person who forgives has an even bigger responsibility that they don’t often get credit for.

As someone who has forgiven a transgression against you, you’re charged with acting as Jesus would and leaving that sin far behind, leaving it in the west and you stay safely in the east.

It’s recently proven difficult to really really let go of a sin against me even after deciding to grant forgiveness. Training our eyes on God and his remarkable ability to forgive can help us to emulate that. But, ultimately, if you learn visually, all that might be needed is to envision that sin on the other side of the uncrossable line.


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