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Romans 3: 1-7 Contradictions

In Romans 3, we first read about the advantage of being a Jew (we just got finished reading in chapter 2 about how Jews and Gentiles will both be judged the same. Side note: Still can’t read circumcision without giggling like a little school girl).

So, we read that it’s good to be a Jew because the Jews were entrusted with the whole revelation of God. The chosen people were used to demonstrate a whole slew of important principles that played themselves out in the Old Testament and then they also got to be the ones to start the sharing of the good news. Cool! So then, not even in a separate chapter we see “If God were not entirely fair, how would he be qualified to judge the world?”

Excuse me, what? So there’s benefits to being a Jew and also God is entirely fair… I’m assuming he’s perfectly fair. Again, excuse me, what?

How can God be entirely fair and then give benefits to the Jews that he’s definitely not giving to everyone else?

I love the saying “Show me a worm that understands a man and I’ll show you a man that understands God.” Could fairness in the ununderstandable (new word) definition that God knows be different to how we are accustomed to interpreting it?



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