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Daily Prompt: Wronged Object

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If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

I have a couch in my apartment that spent most of its life in my parents house. It was actually our “nice couch” and sat mostly unused in our formal family room (also mostly unused, seriously who needs two family rooms?). Despite being nice it is a rather unfortunate maroon and dark green plaid pattern.

The only time we used the formal family room and this couch was for Christmas morning because the formal family room was the ideal location for a Christmas tree since you could then see the tree from the road. Side note: Why do people want others to see their Christmas tree from the road? Intentionally distracting drivers is bad!

So anyways, eventually we got our precious puppy, Eleanor Roosevelt (pictured). Eleanor determined that the fancy couch was the best tasting one in the house and slowly but surely, despite my mom’s best efforts, the couch that we had tried to preserve got ripped up at about ankle height.

Princess Eleanor Roosevelt (left) always went after what she wanted including my sisters dog (right), Jaegar's bed.

Princess Eleanor Roosevelt (left) always went after what she wanted including my sisters dog (right), Jaegar’s bed.

When I decided to go back to school for my masters and was back on a student budget, I was thrilled to accept any and all furniture handouts including this couch.

This once fancy couch now sits in my apartment and endures spills, guests sleeping on it, an uncountable number of hours of homework, and so much more. You would think I would show this couch some TLC. Many have mentioned how easy it would be to cover all the chew marks or the hideous fabric. But I’m not.

Maybe it’s a reminder of the many Christmas mornings spent with this couch or because I like to see the chew marks and remember my dog who has since passed. It might just be the nostalgia of a familiar piece of furniture from my childhood but I’m not planning on giving this couch a face lift anytime soon. I’m sorry, couch! Be proud of your scars!


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