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Daily Prompt: Gut Feeling

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When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?

I am notorious for not trusting my gut on small day to day decisions and really trusting it on humungous life altering decisions.

Decisions like, oh I don’t know, where to go to college, when to quit my job and move across the country to a new city, and whether to move to England for four months are made with an alarmingly low amount of contemplation.

This all started when I was 17 and went to a college fair with my dad at the mall. Because he is a die hard Penn State alumni, we made a beeline for the Penn State booth. Well, the booths were in alphabetical order. Purdue was one down from Penn State (and the guy running the booth was super cute) and wah-lah, I became a Purdue Boilermaker. You might think this could have gone really badly for me and, I agree, this might have been catastrophic! But it wasn’t. Going to Purdue was one of the greatest decisions of my entire life.

Last year around Thanksgiving, I decided I was officially going to apply to Texas A&M’s MBA program. My reasons were very few at the time. I just signed up to take the GMAT (on black Friday of all days) and that was that. I possibly limited my fore-thought intentionally because of my past amazing experience with trusting my gut and also because I kept replaying the epic scene from Legally Blonde over and over again in my head but inserting myself … “It’s like she just woke up one morning and decided ‘I think I’ll go to business school today.'”


Your gut is such an awesome thing but let’s give credit where credit is due. God’s probably up there guiding your gut to set you on the path that He’s got planned for you. And, as I’ve learned, the BEST way to make a decision is to pray about it.


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