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A Modern Bible Story: Guess which!

Hollywood loves to remake old stories with a modern twist! See, “Easy A” and “A Cinderella Story” and coming soon, a favorite of mine, “Annie”!

Hollywood also loves to depict the Bible in major upcoming motion films like “Noah” and “Exodus”. But, we’ve yet to see a modernized version of any classic Bible stories, which is likely because criticism seems unavoidable for religious themed media.

While there’s no substitute for the actual bible (obviously!!!), see if you can guess which story from the bible is being represented below. Bonus if you can name the book, chapter, and verse.

Jack and Scott sat nervously on a bench outside Principal Brown’s office, waiting to be called by the tall man who they only knew from his booming voice each morning on the morning announcements. The boys sat on opposite sides of the bench, refusing to look at each other.

Scott, whose birthday had been the day before, was in anguish. The football he’d been hoping for for months had been in his hands that very morning, a late birthday present from his dad. Scott knew that Jack had gotten the same football months before but didn’t know that Jack’s football had accidentally rolled into the street drain and was swept away into the sewers below.

The ball had been confiscated by a teacher during recess after a fight between the boys over the football and Scott didn’t have a clue where it was at that moment. Scott fought back tears as he reached into his pocket for his cell phone, planning to call his dad. Just then, however, the door to principals officer swung open and Principal Brown’s voice came from it saying “Scott and Jack, please come in.”

Jack jumped quickly out of his seat and entered the office first, Scott following glumly behind him. His eyes lit up when they fell on the bright green and blue football sitting unharmed on Mr. Brown’s desk.

“What seems to be the problem, boys?” Mr. Brown looked intently between the two. Jack answered quickly “Scott took my football.” Scott’s anger finally burst, “that is MY football! My dad gave it to me for my birthday!”

Principal Brown leaned back in his chair thoughtfully. “I know what we’ll do. You can both have the ball. I’ll cut it down the middle and you will both get half.” Scott’s eyes grew wide as he painfully decided what he must do. “No, Jack can have the whole football,” he said quietly looking down into his hands.

The boys stood to leave but instead of handing the ball to Jack, Principal Brown handed it to Scott saying, “This is your ball. Jack will not take it from you again.”


Solomon’s judgement of the two women, one of whose baby died accidentally in the night and she tried to switch her baby out with another woman’s still living baby.

1 Kings 3:16-28


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