Being a Servant: the CUTE way!

I feel like serving gets a bad rap! The Bible encourages us to live a servant life but when we think of servitude, I picture missionaries living in huts in underprivileged countries. I don’t know about you but, while I wholeheartedly believe mission work is amazingly noble, I don’t feel especially called to spend my years without a blow dryer or… American tv shows
(power and respect to those who do!)

We can exemplify an attitude of servantship (new word?) through how we treat everyone. It’s not limited to volunteering or community service. BUT, especially during the holiday season, many (myself included) feel compelled to give back as we reflect on our blessings of the past year.

But we don’t have to hop on a mission to the third world ( if that’s what you’re being called to, by all means!). We can serve right here by donating Christmas presents (probably really fun to shop for little kids nowadays since toys are so much cooler these days), volunteering at a food kitchen, or getting creative!

I recently started volunteering for Kindred Hearts Transportation Connection (can’t link to it because I’m writing from my phone whilst driving 27 hours from Texas to NY). How it works is you register as a volunteer driver, KHTC has a database of drivers. When someone wants a dog but their local shelter doesn’t have the breed or one they want, KHTC will set up a transport for them to save a dog from a kill shelter in another part of the country. Coordinators will look to their network of drivers to create a chain of drivers, each of whom drives the dog 1-2 hours before passing them on to the next driver.

Even though the trip legs are usually only a few hours, I messaged the coordinators that I was doing a drive from Austin, TX to New York and could take a dog with me if needed (Texas has a lot of kill shelters so a lot of dogs leave Texas). We ended up getting a puppy named Buster who needs to get to NH to make a family very happy on Christmas. Myself, my sister, and my dad have really enjoyed having him along for the drive! Check out the pics below for the cutest volunteering effort ever! Merry Christmas!







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