Headed to Houston in a wheelchair #passion2015

I finally ordered my ticket for Passion 2015 in Houston. If you know me, you know I’ve been enduring an epic battle with my left foot since 2012 (almost three years, I KNOW!). This January I am having what I hope and pray will be the last surgery on it.

My surgery was on the 27th and the Passion conference is on the 30th. By the grace of God, my surgery was finally able to be switched to the 20th, which is still cutting it pretty close to be not loopy on medicine and, of course, I will have to traverse Houston on crutches or in a wheelchair.

No matter! I am 25 this year so this is the last year I make it into the 18-25 range (also my last year of being a student) of attendees for Passion. So, I have to go!  Check it out here!



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