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Check it out: Women’s Bible Cafe

Small groups are awesome, aren’t they? I love conversing with people who are excited and invested in Bible study. Having people in our lives who can engage with us in this way is a blessing from God.

But what about when you can’t make it to a weekly small group? That’s where Women’s Bible Cafe comes in. I am one week away from foot surgery that’s going to land me on the couch for several weeks (the stitches are going to be on the bottom of my foot).

So yesterday I started Kelly Minter’s “What Love Is” Bible study with hundreds of other women who are going to be telecommuting into the weekly meetings.


You can choose from among about 20 different times to meet and meetings are lead by a leader and 2 co-leaders.

The study itself is phenomenal, with connections to other verses, contextual information, real life applications, and thoughtful questions. Kelly Minter is truly gifted with guiding other believers in this way.

There’s still time to join this study. Find out how here. The first week of the book is available online if you need to wait for the book to be delivered (can be ordered from Lifeway or Amazon).

If you feel led to join in, please do and I would love to hear from you to chat about our experience with the study. E-mail me:


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