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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Fellowship

I didn’t make a new years resolution because, in the past, I’ve found that the things I resolve to do in a new year are the exact things that don’t get done. However, the things I pray for God to help me do often do get done. It came as surprise, then, that this year, God decided to thrust a new years resolution onto me.

Did you know that the average person my age spends something like 3 hours/ day on Facebook? That’s insane (but not unbelievable)! I guess all the absent-minded news feed scrolling really adds up.

Conversely, if we spend 126 minutes (just over 2 hrs) per day reading the Bible, we will have read the entire thing in a month. I discovered this great web-site for determining how long the Bible (or the new or old testament) will take you to read based on different amounts of time per day and total days. The makers of this web-site must have spent a LONG time coming up with a name:

Earlier this week, I deactivated my Facebook. At the time, I was reading the gospel with the whole “if your eye causes you to sin, gauge it out” thing and I realized that the social media backlash that follow a breakup might cause me to backslide into the relationship I was laying at God’s feet. It’s sometimes rough when Great Aunt Bertha wants to know how you’re doing because she noticed your change in relationship status (Love you, Auntie, but I’m trying to wallow here). nofacebook

Surprisingly, deleting my Facebook has not been the huge loss I expected. In fact, I feel free. I never realized what a slave I’d become to scrolling through endless links to… “Top 10 cats who are having a worse day than you” etc etc. Those things weren’t adding much to my life. They weren’t helping me grow spiritually and they weren’t moving me forward on the mission God has for my life.

Not long after I started realizing the positive implications of deleting my Facebook, I decided that, if ever there was a time for new years resolutions, this was it. I initially thought I’d resolve to take a “facebook hiatus” for 5 days/month. After talking to a sister in Christ who fully supports this initiative, she said that after she undertook a similar initiative, it was like her brain got untrained from the mindless Facebook browsing and, even when her facebook was active, she found herself free from the confines of feeling like she had to monitor social media constantly.

Tonight, I did Day # 3 of the “What Love is” bible study and I think Kelly Minter said it best:

“With the advent of social media and the Internet, we’re in danger of replacing fellowship for something that is merely a shadow of the real thing. We can download a sermon instead of sitting next to someone on a Sunday morning, we can e-mail a prayer instead of physically enfolding another hand in our own, tweets and posts can be our manna instead of communing with God in His word. Let’s push out of our private worlds and embrace the very gift John gives us as his reason for writing: the glory of fellowship. 


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