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God is…


Well, surgery and pain meds have done a number on any semblance of a sleep schedule for me. So it’s 1:00 AM and I’m surfing the interwebs and stumbled across a song by a singer I’d never heard before (Holly Starr) that aligns so perfectly with an entry in my prayer journal from earlier today (I had to share):

Dear God, 

Although I should not be surprised by your infinite grace and wisdom, I’m amazed every time the perfect message, person, situation, or circumstance is in front of me at the exact perfect time. How do you possibly make all the little pieces of everyday life puzzles come together exactly right so often? It’s so cool!

It reminds me that your goodness is unfathomable. Sometimes I’m guilty of taking my vision of the best version of myself or any human and imagining you that way when you are so much better than that, better than my wildest dreams could comprehend. You are beyond words and you are even beyond what human minds can wrap their heads around.

I love you. Amen.

Here’s the video. “God is..”


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