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Visiting Austin Stone Community Church

I can’t wait to hang out with God in heaven because he’s so funny to hang out with on earth. He’s been having a good time lately “nudging” me towards Austin Stone Community Church.

I’ll be working in Austin this summer and hope to return full time after I graduate in December. I have moved at least twice a year since 2008! I am BEYOND EXCITED to put down roots somewhere.

To go along with these roots I’ll be planting, I can’t wait to be a part of a church community. I love people who walk around their church (where I’m always a visitor) greeting a multitude of people and seeming to know everyone. Because I’m so excited, I started scoping out churches EARLY (WAY EARLY)! A friend recommended Austin Stone and here is a list of God’s “nudges” that ensued.

1. I joined the churches online community. The first message that I saw was an offer for a free piano. Coincidentally (or not), I’d recently started taking lessons again and was having trouble improving with limited piano access. My dad picked up this gorgeous piano from an amazing family at Austin Stone. I cannot begin to describe the blessing that having this piano in my apartment has beenIMG_1598.

2. I finally attended Austin Stone this past Sunday (1/25). I was on crutches, running late, and the parking lot was full. Just when I was thinking of drivin away, a spot RIGHT IN FRONT just appeared. It was fate!

3. I was exhausted after I crutched through the school to the gymnasium, literally a sloppy mess of sweat and frustration. One of the greeters, Alex, escorted me to a perfect spot and set up a special cushioned chair (even though I was late).  After the service, that same helpful greeter, Alex, explained all the ins and outs of this awesome church… and why it’s in a high school.

Most importantly about this church, God was THERE! It was in a gymnasium but you could feel God pouring his grace all over all of these people. The pastor’s message was week 2 of a 6 week series on Sexual Sin (That again? Roll your eyes, right? WRONG!) He handled the topic amazingly and relevantly. Listen to his full sermon here!

Here’s a clip of him explaining how rooting for the Longhorns (he’s an Aggie) just felt wrong, which is similar to how we feel about sin after we are immersed in the light (it just feels weird!)

Lastly, the worship was AMAZING! People around me were praising the Lord uninhibited and the energy was on fire for Jesus. It reminded me to thank God that worship not only praises him but is so fun for us to take part in.

There’s a lot of bad in our world and it’s sometimes hard to find the light through the darkness but that’s not the case at Austin Stone. There, the light is blinding!

Austin Stone Community Church meets in Austin High School. Check out the banners!

Austin Stone Community Church meets in Austin High School. Check out the banners!


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