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PASSION HOUSTON: “Come as you are..”


Guys, it feels kind of like Christmas Eve when you’re too excited to go to sleep but you have to go to sleep for Santa to come so you try to force yourself but then you get excited all over and then round and around it goes until you finally drift into a light sleep only to wake at 5 AM wondering if it’s too early to wake your parents up. In short, Passion Conference is tomorrow!


I am so excited for whatever God has planned for my heart this weekend. I’ve been following Passion on Instagram and Twitter all week long and feeling like I’m tapping my foot faster and faster in anticipation all the time. That is, if I could tap my foot, which I cannot (still recovering from foot surgery) but I have scarcely noticed that I’m going to be rocking up to Passion on a scooter. I haven’t been able to stand long enough to do my hair or makeup in weeks but I don’t care! If ever there were a time I could feel God whispering “Come as you are“, that time is NOW!


God has a special plan for how He is going to move in me this weekend. Because of that, I’m especially excited to hear some familiar faces speak. I’ve been to Dallas to hear Matt Chandler and really enjoyed his “Beautiful Design” series this past fall via podcast. I’ve also heard Ben Stuart a bunch of times during weekly Breakaway worship here at Texas A&M. It’s going to be so interesting to see how God includes these guys whose styles I’m already accustomed to in this weekend’s journey.

I am CRAZY EXCITED to hear from Christine Caine for the first time in person. I stumbled across Christine a while back via Youtube with this two minute video that has had an incredible impact on my dating life.

ON TOP OF THAT, I have been following Christine as she launched Propel Women this week from Liberty University. I am hoping to hear much more about Propel Women, her new initiative, and how I can get involved.


Please join with me in praying this prayer:

God, Thank you so much for all who have had a hand in putting together an event like Passion. Thank you for their vision and their motivation. Please keep everyone safe as they travel to and from Houston. Please let the holy spirit pour into us and guide us to fellowship and worship that is pleasing to you and accomplishes what you would have us accomplish this weekend. Please stir our hearts and guide us. Please bring comfort to those who need comfort, healing to those who need healing, and joy to those who need joy. Thank you especially for the reminder to “come as we are”. I love you and can’t wait to spend the weekend praising your name. Amen!


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