When You Want a Gift That God Doesn’t Give You

I am tone deaf and possibly the least musically talented person to ever walk this earth. To my horror, being able to carry a tune is simply not a gift God bestowed upon me. When my piano teacher insinuates that I should be starting to be able to tell what note (key?) something is by hearing it, I laugh. “High C” and “low A” are barely distinguishable as one being high and one being low, let alone trying to pick which letter they are.

We’ve all heard that we should be using the gifts God gave us for his glory. But what if you want to use a gift that God didn’t place in your toolbox? What if the sound of the piano is music to your ears (literally and figuratively) but your fingers are clumsy and your “songs” sound more like noise than music?

This is going to sound greedy but it’s true. You can ask God to help you develop a gift that he didn’t give you naturally. That’s what I did. I’m never going to be Mozart but I certainly enjoy myself.

I often meet people that don’t struggle with the piano the way I do. They are naturally gifted (and their neighbors probably like them a whole lot more than my neighbors do after listening to me bang away on the keys day after day). I was initially discouraged because I desire to glorify God in everything I do. I thought, “Well God didn’t give me this musical gift so my time would be better spent glorifying him with the gifts he did give me.” 

WRONG! God loves us dearly. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts and, while there’s a reason he didn’t make me naturally gifted at the piano, he doesn’t want me to stifle my desire to play and, in fact, loves when I glorify him this way. It makes us both happy.

Here’s a video of my latest work:


3 thoughts on “When You Want a Gift That God Doesn’t Give You

  1. Love this! You go girl! I understand haha I’m not the best at piano either, even after 9 years of lessons. Now I’m not tone deaf but I’m more of too lazy and uncommited to practice. But I love how you said it, how we can just try our best and thats enough for God, us trying makes Him happy 🙂

  2. This is a gift I didn’t get given either. You’ve obviously got way more commitment and drive than me, good on you!
    I’m sure Gods teaching you loads through this as well 😄

  3. A great effort, like all things it takes practice. I remember the day my son came to ask me to teach him guitar. I said “Son, there are only three things you need to do, do you know what they are?” He shook his head. I continued “Practice! do you know what the second one is?” he shook his head again “Practice! do you know what the third is?” he replied in an inquiring voice “Practice?” “Yes, now you understand,” He practiced to become a much better guitarist than me, and did professional performing some recording as well. Thanks for sharing your experience Andrea!

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