March 6-8: Women’s Renewal Retreat

Do you need a BREAK? Me too! I’m headed to the Women’s Renewal Retreat at Camp Lone Star in LaGrange, Texas from March 6-8. I know many readers attend Texas A&M or live nearby. If that’s you, drop me a message and I’d love to pick you up (I’ve got plenty of room in the Prius!).

“The fun weekend includes opportunities for hiking, archery and tomahawk throwing, crafts, canoeing, star gazing with the camp’s 12-inch telescope, a prayer walk around the lake, campfire devotions, quiet meditation outside, and scaling the climbing tower.”camplonestar2

I love crazy weekends full of loud worship music and meeting a ZILLION new friends (I was at the Passion conference in Houston last weekend). However, this retreat sounds like a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) and sharing fellowship with a smaller number of people whom you get to know more intimately is rejuvenating.

To sign up, click here.

NOTE: I am NOT being paid to endorse this event. I just want to share in case you want to come along.



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