What’s Wrong with High Schoolers?/ Love Your Enemy


My sister who is a senior in high school just arrived for a visit and told me the latest “drama”. I know high school kids these days are apparently the worst bullies ever but I didn’t know just how bad was bad.

“Love your enemies” is a biblical command but I don’t know if I could respond with love to the hate these kids are enduring.

Someone made an Instagram account specifically to “hate” on a young beautiful girl. I don’t encourage you to follow this link but you can see it if you need to herebullying

I don’t know if I feel worse for the girl being bullied or the bully. This bully clearly has energy and creativity, though I have to say that through gritted teeth because they are being creative in the worst way possible. Nonetheless, imagine the potential this person could have if they channeled it with love instead of hate.

I thought bullying might have lost its appeal with the advent of all these anti-bullying campaigns but the practice of being a bully is alive and well.

How, God? How can we replace this hate with love? How can we stamp out bullying? It’s not like love doesn’t exist and hasn’t already been applied to this problem. I guess it’s going to take a creative application of love and I guess we know where some creative people are.

If you have a moment, say a prayer for the bully and for this amazing young girl being bullied that she may know that this hate is not about her and that she is extraordinarily loved.


One thought on “What’s Wrong with High Schoolers?/ Love Your Enemy

  1. It reminded me when I was in grade school. It’s a lonely life. Hopefully she will find one true friend, that will stand by her. I overcame some of the bullying by striking back in self defense, but ended up with my head pushed down the toilet. Chicago suburb(1955)

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