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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Fellowship: MONTH 3

It’s March! Where is 2015 going? It’s a good time for a check in on goals for the year (my goal of 30 books this year is not on track because I’ve only read 3 so far).

As you may know, I’m deactivating my Facebook for the first five days of every month. You can read about why here.

Interestingly, towards the end of February, I was LOOKING FORWARD to taking Facebook offline. What does that say about my Facebook usage? I must realize on some level that my time spent “facebooking” is not time well spent. Sometimes I’m amazed by the links I end up clicking on and wonder how I got to “Top 10 Cats that are having a terrible day”.

Furthermore, during February I started noticing the things Facebook exposes me to that I wish I wasn’t exposed to at all. Colossians 3:2 tells us to “set our minds on things above, not of this earth” and Isaiah 26:3 says “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”  Sometimes I end up down a rabbit hole of links clicked and I see something that I wish I didn’t know about (like Kim Kardashian’s selfies, which make me sad).

Keeping Facebook deactivated is not sustainable. I have a TON of family members who live all over the country and world. Facebook is the best way to keep up on their lives and a great way to connect with people in my community and quickly contact a classmate etc. Deactivating for the first five days of the month has, so far, been a great solution!


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Fellowship: MONTH 3

  1. My friend I encourage you to stretch your limits and go beyond five days a month. The first time I did it for 15 days. This time it’s 40 days of Lent. I have learned all the posts still remain once we come back.

    I also have a reading goal this year. It is only 5 books as I am not a huge reader. But since removing FB I have already reached the goal therefore I am now changing the goal to 20.

    • I love reading! I usually read way more than 30 books (I also do audio books in the car and I drive a lot). My problem is that I am a serial starter of books and not finishers. I’ve read the first half of a multitude of books. I would love if you reviewed the books you read! Social media for lent is a great idea! I’m doing soda this year. 🙂

      • I used to be the same way with books. Serial starter. This is how I cured it:
        1) gave myself a 3 book limit
        2) only read Christian books
        3) most important I prayed God will give me strength to see a book through to the end.
        4) if the book does not interest you don’t feel like you have to complete it.
        5) let the spirit guide you in which books to read. If the book continues to pop up in conversation, or in your face, there is a reason God wants you to read it. (there is a blog coming bout this soon)

        And as to reviewing books I have read. That is a great idea however I think it would only hinder your addiction to starting books and not finishing. Lol

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