Prayer for my Sister and Brother

Emily and Kevin, March 3, 2014

Emily and Kevin, March 3, 2014

My sister, Emily, got married on March 3, 2014. She and my amazing brother-in-law, Kevin, celebrated their one-year anniversary as “The McCarthys” a week ago. As of yesterday, they have now entered into a new chapter of married life, which is the loss of a parent. Kevin’s mother passed away.

Kevin is the youngest of 7 siblings from Tipperary, Ireland. Last July, while I was living in England, I was blessed to take a trip to Ireland and meet Kevin’s family. We joke that I was the spokesperson for the Rodgers family as they actually hadn’t met my sister (their daughter/sister-in-law) yet. Because Emily and Kevin work in the equestrian world, it’s difficult for them to take time off since horses, like people, need to be fed everyday. Emily did eventually get to travel to Ireland to meet her in-laws.

Justin (left) and myself (right) enjoying our time in Tipperary, Ireland with Kevin's mom and dad (July  2014)

Justin (left) and myself (right) enjoying our time in Tipperary, Ireland with Kevin’s mom and dad (July 2014)

I am praying for Kevin’s family this week. From meeting them only for a few short days, I observed a loving tenderness between the McCarthy family members that is a beautiful reflection of God’s love. I pray that God wraps his arms of comfort around them in their grief and that he welcomes Kevin’s mother into his kingdom with a joyous celebration.

Please join me in praying for my sister and brother-in-law that they may be comforted and that God will use this difficult time to strengthen their young marriage and grow them deeper in love and dedication to each other and to God.

Thank you for your prayers.


The first sibling picture we took on Easter 2014 after adding the first brother to our family.


My mom had a photographer friend take family portraits as we knew our family dog (Eleanor, middle) was nearing the end of her life and we wanted a portrait with Kevin and Eleanor both in it. As you can see, Kevin fits right in.


Myself (left), Kevin (middle) and Emily (right) on a bike tour of Austin, TX


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