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Dolce and Gabbana

Hey all! I’ve been enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation during Texas A&M’s spring break week. However, I couldn’t help but weigh in on the fire storm of Internet drama that’s been unfolding. It seems Dolce and Gabbana, a once gay couple (who have since parted ways) have spoken out against “synthetic children”. 


This has prompted the likes of Madonna and Elton John to publicly lash out. I thought this to be great until a boycott was suggested. The Bible does not tell us to blindly believe things we hear but “by testing to discern what is the will of God” (Romans 12:2). A public dialogue seems like a facilitator of working towards that discernment. Our democracy also protects freedom of speech (that’s ALL speech, not just so-called “progressive” speech). So, while I think those in disagreement with Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana have every right to speak out, they should not attempt to infringe on these men’s livelihoods just because of a contradiction of views. That doesn’t mean they can’t make the personal decision not to purchase the fashion label but to use their influence to get others to do the same seems needlessly cruel.

Lastly, some commenters have generalized that since these men are advocating for “traditional family”, they are against adoption. An even greater faux pas that I had the displeasure of witnessing was an assertion that the entire Christian church (also a supporter of traditional families) is against adoption. On the contrary, the Bible calls us over and over and over again to come to the aid of orphans. I daresay that the wonderful families who choose to adopt are answering that biblical call in an amazing way. In fact, Christian parents are over two times more likely to adopt than non-Christian parents (Barna Group survey, 2013).

Tabloid fodder issues like this one are easy to stay silent over. For a long time I’ve thought that Christians needn’t give “controversies” like these the time of day. I’m not so sure anymore. The tide of public opinion is strongly influenced by “Hollywood” and that tide seems to be capturing more and more young people, who are not educated on how to sift through and practice discernment among the abundance of information available. Many seem to jump on the bandwagon of what appears to them to be popular opinion. Is remaining silent on these issues robbing many of exposure to an alternate (biblical) way of thinking? 



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