Life in the Spirit

Something amazing happened the other night at small group. My small group bible study is an amazing group of people. I am so glad for the day that God guided me to join them. I was skeptical at first because I had been looking for a small group of all girls who were at a similar life stage as me and this is far from that. In fact, I am the only young single graduate student there.

Anyways, our fearless leader (Joshua) is fantastic and lives everyday by letting the holy spirit lead him wherever it may. On this night, after some housekeeping agenda items, Josh told us that he had planned three different potential avenues to take our bible study that night. Sometimes we expand on our pastor’s sermon for that week. Sometimes we study a specific chapter of the bible. Sometimes we pray for specific groups of people (like our church leaders).

Then Josh told us that, despite his three potential plans, God was telling him to scrap them all. I thought this was weird but not unlike Josh to follow what he felt called to regardless of how weird it may seem. He opened the floor to prayer and then one of our members raised her hand and spoke and I was immediately blown away by how powerful God is.

It turns out that a couple among us are enduring an incredibly difficult trial, one that they’ve been quiet about for months. However, that trial is poised to culminate this week. We truly needed the entire time to hear the details of their struggle and then pray over them for all they are going through.

I am so glad we are now able to walk with them through this struggle. I am blown away that God so clearly spoke into our leaders heart to throw out all his potential plans for the evening, which cleared the way for our group to be there for two members who really and truly needed it. There was a moment that Josh was laughing after we had heard the terrible news of what this couple was enduring. I immediately knew why he was laughing but he did elaborate explaining how amazingly great and crazy it is to “walk in the spirit”. I could not agree more.


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