A Poem: “Open the Gates”

We are all about welcoming anyone and everyone to church to hear the good news but when push comes to shove, the actual moment of being inclusive of someone whose different than who we usually surround ourselves with is not as easy. I wrote this poem one day after our amazing pastor was talking about wanting to invite potheads to church. 


Is it really possible

To open up our gate

To love like Jesus did
And trade in all our hate
I might be just too human
To convince myself to find
A way to let them all in
All walks and every kind
There’s people all around me
Who want them open too
It’s written in our eyes
But together, we’re like glue
We’ll have to break these ranks
If we really want to see
What open gates will feel like
What this new way will be
It won’t always be smiles
It may not be happy tears
It will be loving enemies
And will mean facing fears
While hearts burn with desire
To see gates opened wide
Fingers cross behind our backs
That they won’t look inside
I guess God will have to show us
He’ll have to teach us how
To abandon all that’s comfortable
To open gates here and now
So open up these gates, God
Or tear them down instead
We have room for every kind
And to share our daily bread
Bring every race and shape and size
Bring them big and small
Open up these gates God
Yes, tear down every wall
and when some day they ask us
How the gates opened and by who
We’ll say Jesus taught us how to greet
And welcome like angels do

2 thoughts on “A Poem: “Open the Gates”

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  2. Great post! So true that as a church our words of “open arms” aren’t always followed up with action. Love the poem

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