Life in the Spirit Part 2

I’m telling you some seriously spooky stuff goes on in my small group. I could never type up all of it but, in case you missed it, here is the craziness unfolding last week. Now, for this week…

Rewind to a few weeks ago. I had been trying to listen to Mere Christianity by CS Lewis in my car. It’s pretty heavy stuff and I can only digest a little bit at a time. So.. I decided it would be a great idea to break it up by listening to another CS Lewis classic called The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia, you may have heard of it ;)) Sadly, as a child, I was deprived of reading this and so I felt it was finally time to right that wrong.

Fast forward to today when I finished listening to the last chapter of Chronicles of Narnia halfway through my driving and decided to flip over to listen to my audio bible (you wouldn’t believe the amount of “reading” I get done in my car). Anyways, my bible was finishing up the end of 2 Peter and starting up 1 John.

I kid you not that tonight at bible study, Josh let someone else read and she talked about “THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA” and then read us 1 John right off the bat. It took me a while to get into the discussion because I was GIDDY with excitement of the “God thing” of this “coincidental” non-coincidence. Literally, what are the chances?

Anyways, she went on to talk about withholding love being sinful, which I have been seriously wondering about constantly since yesterday. Here is what happened yesterday (don’t judge me):

I was in the bathroom and just going into the handicap stall (all the stalls were open but I just like to get a little extra room) and I saw out of the corner of my eye a girl come in on one of the scooters (I was just on one after I had foot surgery). I saw her for a split second as my door was shutting and didn’t have the quickness of mind to open it back up to let her have the handicap stall. When I was leaving I felt like maybe I should apologize to her but I was too shy and felt too awkward to do it. Then I was thinking:

Jesus would totally have apologized. It’s not fair because the more extroverted people have more of a shot at being like Jesus! Jesus was an extrovert! Wait, didn’t God give us our introversion/extroversion? Maybe he gives us a “handicap” if he made us less extroverted than others and because of that he’s more understanding when we don’t apologize for stealing the handicap stall from a handicap person!”

Literally all of these thoughts went through my head but the craziest part (even crazier than me) is that everything relevant in my life came up at my bible study (a bible study I was totally skeptical about because the people in it aren’t at my same life stage). I literally cannot think of a time I felt more like I belonged somewhere than when I heard our leader for the week say she was about to read 1 John to us. lifeinthespirit2


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