Bakerys and Pizzerias.. Settle Down

Has anyone else noticed how many people are trying to buy cakes and pizzas lately? Way more than usual.

Christians trying to buy “anti gay” desserts from gay bakery owners and “gay people” trying to get “pro gay” events catered by Christians. It’s like everyone woke up and decided to waste their time (and risk having their food spit on) by purposefully antagonizing people whose beliefs they know differ from their own.

This all seems very silly. WHY on earth would anyone want to have someone cater their wedding when they know to do so would offend the person catering? What happened to “live and let live”? Why on earth would anyone want to ask a gay bakery owner to write “gay marriage is wrong” on a cake? Why would you need a cake to say that? Try a poster or maybe a banner… if you must.

But this begs the question, why must you? God calls us to count others before ourselves regardless of their sin. We need to be meeting people right where they are at (finding common ground due to our shared sinful nature) and winning their hearts for God. I hardly think degrading their small business is the way to do that. I guess to each his own…


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