KIDS: Summer and the Bible

As summer approaches, I’m nervous about what it holds for the K-3rd graders that attend after school Bible study with me. As someone who works with them on biblical knowledge and also on their homework, I can see firsthand the difficulties that even a couple days off when you’re learning to read poses for students.

Check out this article about the “summer slide”.

kidsinsummerI’m not a parent so I won’t pretend to understand the difficulties in scheduling that summer’s off from school create in households, especially where both parents work. However, I do think that summer break presents a major opportunity for learning.

I can remember that summer break was something I majorly looked forward to. It always seemed so full of potential fun. It was almost magical. I think that’s an instrumental part of childhood. The trick is how can “summer slide” be avoided while maintaining that magic?

Summer camp is one solution but I didn’t always love the summer camps I went to and I’d venture to guess it’s not an atmosphere that typically promotes educational growth especially in literacy. If it does, it’s likely too similar to school and strips summer of that freedom of potential fun.

Summer seems like an opportunity to encourage kids spiritually. They have time they don’t usually have to think and learn about the Bible. The thing is that making that fun will look different for every child. I also think that God has built in a convenient way to improve literacy skills in bible reading/reflecting for kids.

Please join me in praying that every child will have a children’s (or regular) Bible available to them this summer and that they might be encouraged by someone to pick up that Bible, to read it, to think about it, to talk about it, to play games involving it. I’m also praying that kids will have fun in their spiritual journey, realizing that a relationship with God is NOT a chore, but a pleasure.


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