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A Prayer for my Sister

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s prayers when I requested them for my middle sister, Emily, and brother-in-law, Kevin while they dealt with the loss of his mother. 

I often forget to mobilize in prayer for good times as well as bad. So today I come to you during a time of celebration! My youngest sister, Jillian, is graduating high school today and I ask you to lift her up in your prayers as she celebrates her accomplishments and moves into a new chapter of her life.


Jill is the youngest of three girls. She is lovingly referred (mainly just by me) as “Little Jay”. Jill amazes me all the time with her passion for life. She is not afraid to go after what she wants (like becoming a photoshop/ photography wiz). I wish I had had half of her confidence when I was her age. Like the confidence to ask for a spot as the freshman girls basketball assistant coach. She is incredibly giving of her time, spending as many or more hours as the baseball players to be the varsity baseball statistician. She also never complains when I volunteer her for things without asking her first (even when I made her wake up at 5 am on thanksgiving day to prepare and serve meals downtown). 


Jillian is attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi in the fall where she will pursue a degree in sports marketing. She is very athletic and knows all the words (especially for baseball) so much so that I sometimes have no clue what she is saying. Jill knows a lot about anatomy and is fearless in the face of things I find gross (like dissecting a cat!). She was diagnosed with a learning disability when she was very young. The doctors said she would never be good at math. She endeavors to prove them wrong and did just that! 


Please pray for Jillian as she embarks on her new journey that God may keep her safe, healthy, and that she may continue to grow in love for God and others. Please also thank God for bringing me a beautiful amazing sister and blessing me with being her big sis! 


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